Many small business owners understand the need to stay relevant in this digital age, but they fail to comprehend the necessary execution steps to ensure that they make the most out of their marketing efforts.  Developing a marketing strategy is essential when conducting a thorough and comprehensive execution plan, but the plan may backfire before it is implemented if you aren’t leveraging your marketing capabilities to their full capacity.  Below I’ve gone through a few small business marketing myths that prevent companies from achieving an optimal return.

SEO Techniques Aren’t As Important

Ever since the launch of Google Panda in February 2011, many website owners are moving away from tedious Search Engine Optimization techniques, thinking that their website won’t rank well because it can’t compete with news aggregation websites and social networks for specific keywords.  For the less techy savvy, Google Panda is an addition to Google’s search results ranking algorithm that has lowered the rank of “low quality sites” or “thin sites” to “return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results”.

Even though a small business website will never be capable of competing with news sources and social networks, SEO should not be discounted; this change simply modifies the playing field.  Instead of attempting to rank well for broad keywords, there is extra emphasis placed on ranking well for long tail keywords that properly depict the products and services that your website offers.  Small business owners especially need to continue to produce quality content and market it well, focusing mainly on link building campaigns to ensure that the content that is produced ranks well.

More Content Always Means More Traffic

Many website owners believe that the more content they produce, the more traffic their website will aggregate.  This is a common misconception and often degrades their websites because of the lack of quality content found.  It is ineffective to create and modify content on your website if you fail to market the content properly.  Always remember that quality takes precedence over quantity.  Ideally, numerous quality pieces distributed through varying marketing mediums and promoted on multiple social networks is the proper way to drive traffic to your content rich pages and ensure that your website does not lose credibility.

Social Media Should Take Precedence over a Website

It is essential to maintain a plethora of social media networks related to your specific business model to promote your organization but not at the cost of a well-designed and responsive website.  Social Media, although at the fore front of Internet surfers, needs to be addressed as an ancillary method to supporting the products, services, and content that exists on your website.  Think of your website as a central hub in which your social networks spider out from.  By linking your social networks to your website and vice versa, you create a web of content and information that locks in your visitors and ensures that they are exposed to your company’s reach through a myriad of websites.

Don’t Worry About Mobile

Even though mobile applications should not take precedence over your overall Internet presence, mobile cannot be ignored.  Internet enabled mobile devices have increased exponentially over the years and this trend will continue for years to come.  Especially with the proliferation of tablet computers and the shrinkage of desktop computers, mobile Internet access will continue to become more and more ubiquitous.  Instead of worrying about how your company will exist on mobile devices, build a website that is completely responsive, modified based on the device that is accessing the website.  By providing complete compatibility regardless of device, you will ensure that all of your visitors can access the information that you want them to see in a convenient and appropriate manner.

Email Marketing Is No Longer Effective

In regard to the proliferation of advanced spam filters, email verification programs, and social media, many small business owners believe that email marketing is no longer the optimal method of attracting visitors to their websites.  Even though email marketing has become more difficult due to a few obstacles, it remains to be one of the least expensive and most fruitful methods of marketing prospects with an offer.  From experience, I’ve generated hundreds of leads and opportunities for my various sales teams throughout my budding marketing career through email marketing.

I’ve delineated only a few of the many small business marketing myths that prevent many companies from accessing their full marketing potential.  It is essential to leverage every capable facet of marketing to ensure that your target audience is reached and made aware of your specific offerings.  If you are looking for advice on how to execute a specific marketing endeavor or an evaluation on how to better execute on your collective marketing initiatives, don’t hesitate to contact me directly at